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School Trip

So after an early start for most of us, not Mr Standing, it was his usual start time, we met at the school at 06.30 to wait for the busses. Once they arrived we packed up all of our stuff and departed on the first leg of our journey.
The traffic out of Paris was quite calm and we have made good progress. All the pupils seem to be enjoying the chance to relax and get to know eachother better. We are currently on the motorway heading towards Chateau de Chenonceau.......more to follow

This morning we are going to visit Oradour-sur-Glane. If you don't know the history behind this village in the middle of France, what happened there on 10th June 1944 will shock you. Have a read

Made it to Limoges, a bit of an unscheduled stop when the bus got grounded but excellent driving skills and some traffic management ment it was a short delay.
We have split in to two groups, the older pupils waiting in the rain for the Museum of Resistance to open.

So, after the rain is the calm but I feel more storm is on its way. The camping students have of course taken it all in their stride with no moaning, no grumbling, just getting on with it. Testament to our students. The younger students have also simply got on with things, participating well in activities with quite a zest.


Today is an earlier than usual start which sees us going to Futurescope, hopefully the weather will stay drier and a great day will be had by all. The tents and the dormitories seem very quiet this morning with quite a few tired but not exhausted youngsters hoping to garner a few more minutes snooze before breakfast.

I will of course update you all throughout the day.


We have arrived safe and sound at Futurescope. Students have dispersed and are off to enjoy the activities. I will update throughout the day....


The students seem to all be enjoying Futurescope. A great place to come if you have never been. Tonight is social evening and quiz night. I will post pictures when I can.


Our last day. The quiz last night was very enjoyable with some challenging questions. Well done to all the students.

This morning we have all split in to groups for activities. Everyone will come together for lunch, before setting off back to Paris. ETA is currently 6.30pm.