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Filming at Kingsworth

Last Wednesday, there was a film crew shooting here at Kingsworth.  One of the parents asked it it were possible - she is an actor, writer, director - and we were more than pleased to help.  It is called Paris Crush, a TV / Web-series about Expats living in Paris and they were filming what is called a ’teaser’ (I think it speaks for itself).  They hope to have the teaser completed by the early new year and look forward to sharing it with us then. The Teaser is being shot to assist in raising funds for the completion of the series.  Below is an outline of the proposed series.  All going well, Kingsworth will get a credit!

Paris Crush 

Paris, 2016, the city of light. Over the course of one school year, four Ex-pat mothers, wives, girlfriends, and lovers try to put meaning to their lives while living as foreigners in today’s Paris.

Escape the Ordinary.

Themes: Identity, Risk, Mid-Life Urban Angst, Escape From Mediocrity.