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Internationally Recognised Curriculum

Learning at the secondary school level is divided into three ‘Key Stages’. Key Stage 3 is a three-year course in which students are taught a broad curriculum with an emphasis on exploration and investigative learning. Students go on to study IGCSE courses throughout their two year Key Stage 4. Finally, Key Stage 5 is a two year course in which students have the choice of whether to complete a High School Diploma or A Levels.

All courses completed during Key Stages 4 and 5 are internationally recognised. 


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Our aim at Kingsworth International School is to provide a rich, broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that motivates each student to love learning, have a thirst for knowledge and to know and achieve more. We want our curriculum to allow every student to be proud of their achievements, talents and strengths.

It is Kingsworth's goal to ensure that students become engaged and fully participate in every aspect of school life. We encourage them to be curious about learning and in the world around them and  to become inspired to extend their learning and interests via a variety of extra-curricular clubs, both within and outside the school.

The programme throughout the Secondary School is a natural progression from Kingsworth’s unique International Primary Curriculum (KIPC) followed in the earlier years. This is broadly based on the English National Curriculum, with an international focus, underpinning everything that we do.

The Kingsworth International School Curriculum has been developed to enable our students to:

  • accomplish high standards and make improved progress
  • be able to use high-quality personal, learning and thinking skills
  • become independent learners
  • be able to use high-quality functional skills
  • be challenged to achieve their potential
  • increase their commitment and enjoyment of learning


Should you have any questions about anything related to the curriculum we offer at Kingsworth, please feel free to get in contact with me via email using

> Key Stage 3 Curriculum Ages 11 to 14