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Letter of thanks - Room to Read



Dear Kingsworth students,
Well done with your recent Read-a- thon and thank you all for reading so many
books and raising so much money. A wonderful result! Room to Read is very
grateful to have been chosen as the charity for your fund-raising.
Room to Read is a charity working in ten countries in Africa and Asia with the
belief that ‘World Change Starts with Educated Children’. We work at providing
teacher training and local language books to develop literacy skills in primary
age children and providing resources to ensure that girls can remain in
school through secondary education, which is often not the case in these
By educating the next generation, these children will see not only their own
futures improve, but also the future of their country as it benefits from having
an educated population.
You have made a real difference through your fund-raising. Not only did you
read books for the readathon but some of you also organised a bake sale, a
raffle and a guess the number of sweets in the jar competition.
An impressive example from Kingsworth International School of students
working together to change the world! As you know 1 Euro is enough to
provide one local language book published by Room to Read, so together
you have provided 2,803 books to be used in our literacy program which
will give many boys and girls the chance to learn to read and write.
This is an amazing achievement and is very much appreciated.
Very sincere thanks to you all from Room to Read.
Best regards,
Julie Marks