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Within the context of a globally-minded, child-centered and holistic approach adopted by our dedicated team of teachers, Kingsworth International School has built a framework that is an internationally-recognised programme for children aged 11 to 18 - the Key Stage Curriculum, a set of subjects and standards that is defined as (to) “teach a broad and balanced curriculum including English, Mathematics and Science”.

The Key Stage 3 programme delivers a wide range of subjects appropriate to any International School, including all the core subjects.  Years 7, 8 and 9 are carefully guided through the building blocks of the fundamentals necessary to progress to Key Stage 4. 

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is based on one that we have developed ourselves through our experience and expertise, adopting and adapting the 'best bits' from across the globe. As a truly International School, we cannot be beholden to one single programme of study, from one country. To be international means to be forever reinventing yourself and looking for those ‘best bits’ without ever losing sight of the fact that there are core elements to all courses that cannot shift with the whims of the moment. 

An example of this is seen within our Key Stage 3 History curriculum. Here, we have taken topics of study from around the world, in the hope that we can encompass as many of the nationalities that we have within the school. We believe that in this sense, the approach to the content that we deliver, makes us unique.

Years 10 and 11 then enter the world of Key Stage 4, a phase of learning where students – over a two-year period – are being prepared for their first public exams.  There is a varied and exciting choice at GCSE, IGCSE. The accent over these two years is to help students organise their study patterns, while always keying into the education-can-be-fun that underpins the Kingsworth approach. Thus, we are introducing, from academic year 2016-17, as students climb up the ‘academic ladder’, a specific course centered on research and study skills which we hope to be partnering with the American Library.

Years 12 and 13 take on the mighty AS, A and International A-Levels.  Students spend these two years taking 4 subjects and learn to tackle intense, stimulating yet exigent subject matters such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, English, Theatre, Music, Art, French, Spanish, in great detail… leading them on and into university courses.

Within our lessons there is regular emphasis on traditional whole-class teaching, whilst, to provide a varied learning experience, use is also made, as appropriate, of a wide range of other approaches, including group work, self-study and individualised learning. All of our lessons are well resourced, and unlike other schools, we do not share text books. Every pupil within the school is issued with the study materials they need to complete the course. At Key Stage 3, we also provide exercise books for the pupils to work in, which enables them to be more organised, and thus ready to learn in class.

This approach we feel, and evidence suggests, is key to the success of our pupils.