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Ski Trip 2017

Day 1 : Its 7:45 at Gare de Lyon. Once we are all there we rush to our train, which ends up being 10 minutes late. Half sleepy, half extremely excited we hop on the train, struggle with a grumpy old man while getting our luggage on the racks, and finally sit in our places. 
The train travel is 4 hours, students spend it watching movies or chatting, but mostly teasing Anna, a year 12 student, whose meat for her sandwich has been stolen. By the time we reach our stop the excitement is at its peak and we run to our private mini bus that came to pick us up. On the arrival at the Chalet there was a rush to the first floor to claim beds, the unlucky ones, Ben and James both year 12, end up on the couches downstairs.
Everyone has barely anytime to settle before we have to leave to go get our skis. 
During the afternoon the students were free to go back down to explore and shop in the village, a lot of time was spent in the Game room and the supermarket. The evening goes on non-stop, the food gets delivered, 27 boxes no less, that we have to open and arrange in the small kitchen, a true Chinese puzzle. We eat spaghetti with tomato sauce, play cards and slowly but surely our lovely ski group rejoins its beds for a good night sleep.

Day 2 : A morning wake up call by the head student Laurent year 13, making sure we are all awake for this new wonderful day. The breakfast table has been set by the duty students of the morning. We don't leave the house all together, the younger students go soon after the breakfast has been cleared up, while the lower six formers are still putting on their skiing trousers. The two groups meet up for lunch in a restaurant on the mountain.

A warm meal is shared between the six formers, while the little ones arrive a bit later. We all go back together skiing for a while, the day is beautiful and very sunny, a kind weather for the first day. A little group decides to go back early and got slightly off path ending up in another village before finding their way back. For the next two hours all the students sit around the table working relatively silently on their assigned workload.

The shower war rages until diner, a very anticipated diner in fact. We have a delicious raclette, with so much cheese and potatoes that if we told you the numbers you wouldn't believe us. A little glass spilled after a prank between six formers and the diner finishes with people either too full to move or people rushing to clean up the mess. Games go on for the evening like werewolf and Who am I ? light up the living room until late. The students reach their beds tired and snow is falling out the window.

Day 3 : Today the wake up is not so easy, but still we gather around the breakfast table. Today we decide to ski all together and we have to face slopes kept in the shadow by the clouds. We venture far in the western valleys and go back to La Toussuire village for lunch. One of the two students who had stayed at the chalet, Prosper year 13, joins us for a hot dog and fries covered with ketchup. Laziness is floating around us as we lay in garden chairs at the bottom of the slopes. Some of us decided to go for one last slope before going home, while the bravest go for some more skiing under the snowing clouds. Students work through the afternoon and go into further conflict over the shower. A risotto is to be served for diner and the six form plans to go play bowling down in the village.

Day 4 : We woke up to a rainy day and this lead to us staying home for the most part of the morning. But werewolf game and hanging out together in the living room cheered us up until the rainfall calmed down.
Most of the students left the chalet to try and attempt to ski on the mushy slopes. Even with low visibility and icy rain, sometimes even snow, the brave ones of us skied for a couple hours in two groups before rejoining at the chalet.
There, an intense study period started for the next 2 hours.
As the working section ended the wish to go down to the village and do some ice skating or bowling was formulated. But finally it was playing pool that won over the different choices of activities and we all went down. The diner was spectacular.  And the evening went by with cards games and a little bit of television before we all went to bed, awaiting for a next day who will apparently be beautifully sunny.
Day 5 : YES ! The sun was back this morning and we left altogether cheerfully after a hardy breakfast. Due to the raining of the previous day the slopes were quite icy in the morning but go better as the sun warmed them up and the thousands of other skiers slid over them.
We went to explore a new area of the skiing domain today, La Corbière.
We had a few big laughs as Troy year 12 and Prosper year 13 fell of the tire-fesse during the day. And unfortunately a minor incident happened, Robinson and Lea both year 12 bumped into each other slighting injuring one another. They took a break for a couple hours to make sure they were fine, and check Robinson who got one of his teeth broken.
The rest of the students went back skiing with Mister Secheret.
After a lunch of hot dogs at the bottom of the pistes the group divided and half went home, the other went back skiing. Fondue is on for diner and we have other 10 baguettes to eat in melted cheese ! Skiing is starting to wear us down so the evening will probably be some lazying around and more card playing, maybe even a movie ?!?


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