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For monday :
For the parents who didn’t make it to the station on monday, don’t worry we aren’t mad and you didn’t miss anything... We made it all in the train but it was close, and packed with students from other international schools ! It was a pleasant trip for all who played cards, listened to music or chatted with the EIB Victor Hugo students.
After a little car trip from Toulouse to Carcassone and a visit of the medival city. Ice creams, waffles and goodies shopping followed until we left again to reach our chalets.
We reach a little village of cute little chalets. And then walked to the far far far away center where the food is served. Lasagna it was too be and curfew fell upon us at 11pm for the next day’s big plans !

Eloïse Lochon

For tuesday :

First full day in te region and exciting activities on the way. Morning is cold but breakfast comforting... Grades 6 to 8 started off by visiting Puilaurens Castle 700m above the ground built in the 13th century ! Then they enjoyed canyoning in the afternoon, a hike in a river with jumps in pools of water.

Gardes 9 to 10 went caving and resumed their experience to : dirty, funny and claustrophobic but cool... They followed up by the castle visit.

The six form had a very sporty day with via ferrata, basic rock climbing and tyroliennes in the mountains. White water rafting was probably the most dramatic and competitive sport of the day with a giant race, splashing competition and loud laughing and screaming. Most of the students were reported as having fell into the water and a jumping competition designated Charles as the best back flipper of the year. We all froze to death and severals toes were reported as having almost fallen off...

Of course a good munch was ingested in between two activities and badminton, table tennis and relaxing were available after lunchtime. We had cordon bleu for dinner ?. 

Eloïse Lochon


For Wednesday/Thursday :
Last two days of the school trip Joyful and always sunny. The lower school for example had a treasure hunt, while the upper school went caving or canyoning.
On Thursday night the famous unique and long expected Quizz night occurred and was won by the Amazon house (see picture below) during a very tense and tight competition !
Friday :
Friday was a bit rough for all with a very early start and bus journey to the Cité de la science et de l’espace. A guided tour was provided for the lower grades and a Imax 3D movie had been booked for all students on the subject of Planet Earth seen from space. It was an express travel to the Toulouse train station and a sleepy train journey back to Paris. We hope you have found you child/children in one piece and we a sure they can give you more details and information on their personal memories of this wonderful trip.
Thank you to all of the staff who made this magical and fantastic school trip possible (special thank you to Ms Lopez who came back for us !
Eloïse Lochon